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Overview of Liquid Systems

Liquid Systems is a patented, aluminum storage and display system for wine and other bottled beverages, that came about as a result of years of experience in the design and fabrication of custom cellars. As wine storage evolved further away from the dark, hidden depths of the basement, it was evident the market needed an aesthetically pleasing, stand-alone system that is as much art on its own as it is a means to effectively store your most prized possessions. Easily installed and custom configured, Liquid Systems is a made-to-order solution to fit your exact needs and space requirements.

The Liquid System range offers four series to suit differing installation techniques, storage, and aesthetic requirements. All are designed and manufactured in Canada using North American-sourced materials. High tolerance machining and minimally exposed fasteners ensure a high-quality finish and aesthetic.

Liquid Systems - divider | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks

Technical Resources

For more detailed information on our four product series, please see our Specification Guides. They outline configuration options and provide dimensions and other useful information. For configuration examples, see the Case Studies listed below.
Our Specification Sheet is the best way to convey information to dealers and Liquid Systems with regards to exact requirements for the provision of quotes and shop drawings. Once you’ve received your Liquid System product, our installation guide contains the necessary information for mounting, tools involved, etc.