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Dedication to the Details

Custom Wine Racking Display and Storage System by Liquid Systems

Born from a pedigree of the highest quality millwork and interior design, we at Liquid Systems are obsessed with providing the best wine racking solution and service in the market. Not content with existing racks in the market from a quality, finish, or design standpoint, we set out to create the best.  An unwavering dedication to the details has guided us along the way:  precise manufacturing tolerances, the beauty of brushed anodized aluminum, the quiet and secure bottle-to-rack interface…  Join us in celebrating the details.

Liquid Systems - behind the scenes | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - behind the scenes | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - behind the scenes | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - behind the scenes | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - behind the scenes | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - Modular Rack Parts | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks
Liquid Systems - divider | Liquid Systems - Custom Wine Racks

Our Story

Based in beautiful Squamish, BC, Liquid Systems is a modular wine racking display and storage system, created by owners Chris Polley and Joel Trigg. After years of collaboration in expert millwork and interior design, their frustration at the lack of a premium storage product for wine and other bottled beverages led to the inevitable.

Working initially out of Joel’s home garage, the first prototypes of their modular aluminum display and storage solution started taking shape in 2011. The design brief was to create an adaptable, easily configured system that can be manipulated to suit each project’s unique size, orientation and finished colour requirements. To meet their exacting tolerances and QC expectations, the raw material was sourced from Utah – the only option that would allow them to stay true to their vision and create the best-in-market product that is 100% North America made.

In collaboration with their design and architectural millwork careers, the increasing number of Liquid Systems installations in high-end residential projects enabled investment in a 12,000sq foot design and milling shop. North American trade shows started to generate demand among wine cellar businesses and architectural hardware dealers alike, not to mention the exponential recognition within the design community.

Today, Liquid Systems is primarily a made-to-order solution for custom-configured wine racking systems for local and international projects. Get inspired and configure your modular, storage, and display system now.

Don’t just store it. Celebrate it!

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Our Impact

We do wine racks, no question about it. The reason Liquid systems exists is our passion for product, and we intend to keep pursuing that passion. We also recognize we don’t live in a vacuum and that creating products has an impact on our society and our environment, which in turn has an impact on us and our future. We use aluminum that comes from resource extraction- what does that mean for carbon load and habitat? We use chemicals to anodize – what does that mean for the health of workers and the wildlife in our streams? We ship around the world and our product is heavy- what does that mean for emissions and the quality of the air we breath? We don’t have the answers for a lot of these questions, but we do recognize they are important. So how can we understand and mitigate impacts that negatively affect our world’s, and our business’, ability to sustain themselves?

What We Do and What We Can Do Better

Avoid claiming to be angels or experts of sustainability

We don’t claim our wine rack systems are green because they are recyclable. What about upstream impact? And who wants to recycle wine racks anyway? They should be used generations down the road until they can be reclaimed. To take another example, it’s great that we use blue bins in our office (we should do an audit on the content though…) but we don’t laud ourselves as leaders let alone good citizens because of it. We consider that standard, sort of like following the law. But we can educate ourselves so that the end-product we provide reflects a design and execution approach that takes into account issues of sustainability.

Make good product

Like that seemingly great deal on a garden rake that lasted a week, bad product drives us bonkers. It costs more all around- from your wallet to the planet. We believe in making good product that lasts longer. Did we set out to save the planet by making awesome product? No. But is it nice to be part of an endeavour where we feel we are not contributing to unnecessary harm? Yes. We need to work at ensuring end-consumers understand the value of quality, from a dollar standpoint as well as sustainable standpoint.

Ask questions about, and from, our supply chain

We recently enquired about the amount of recycled material in the aluminum used to make our wine racks.  Turns out there is none- the quality of end-product required would be compromised. But our partner facility was quick to point out their post-manufacturing recycling practices. They also now know that we are interested in their practices. Perhaps they will convey this along their supply chain? We enquired as well about our anodizing practices. Our supplier gave us a run-through of the requirements placed on them and how they meet the standards as set out by regulation. They know that they (and we) can’t run the business risk, let alone accept the ethical breach, of unsatisfactory adherence to environmental norms. We need to continue to work at understanding and promoting best practices.

Pick low hanging fruit

We have a business to run-  creating wine storage solutions. As we evolve that business, we are able to take a more sophisticated view of what it means to pursue sustainable practices. For now, we recognize that we’ve barely scraped the surface. So what are some changes we can make to raw material supply, transportation choices, etc?  Is there a better way to make our product? This is what we will focus on in the short-term.

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