Modular Wine Racks – The Happy Median

best modular design wine racks

Modular Wine Racks – The Happy Median

Modular wine racks offer a better way to customize a beautiful wine room, area, or cellar. Learn more about Liquid Systems designs and options for creating a complete modular wine rack.

Nowadays, there are many different choices in selecting a wine rack.  A quick online search will yield usual results of ready-made options available through large and small businesses, and endless online marketplaces and boutiques.  Selections can range from micky mouse or wheelbarrow shaped porcelain table-top bottle holders or diamond shaped lattice wood structures, and beyond.  Really, options can fit most design preferences to accommodate the best modern interior décor. Additionally, opting for a completely customized wine racks can yield fantastic, design-magazine worthy results but do require time and financial investment and may otherwise be overly complex to execute.  Either of these can be perfect for your needs and provide a wonderful end-product, suitable for personal aesthetics and a range of spaces. There is a third option, however: modular wine racks.  This is where Liquid Systems excels.

modular wine racks

What Are Modular Wine Racks?

So, what are modular wine racks?  First, to define modular design, it’s a design principle which allows a product to be subdivided into smaller parts and used as a fully customizable system. By partitioning various items in a product, a custom can select, modify, upgrade, repurpose, or rework to achieve the ultimate end-product.

To use Liquid Systems as an example, we offer a palate of specifically designed components from which to construct a wine rack that can suit the specific needs, including:

  • Space the rack is designed for
  • Contents the wine rack holds
  • Aesthetic preferences of the collector

In essence, these components comprise the vertically affixed aluminum “posts” which form the backbone of our modular wine rack systems, and the horizontally affixed aluminum “fins” which are attached to the posts and which hold your favorite selections of wine bottles.

custom modular wine racks

How Modular Wine Racks Differ From Others

Home owners and commercial spaces are not always provided an opportunity to create a wine cellar nor do they have always have an unlimited amount of space. In fact, most will agree that space constraints make it hard to display liquor in an ideal manner. Traditional wine racks–whether table standing or floor positioned–still pose a space-issue. Modular wine racks not only provide a more modern design, but their flexibility allows for a more useful purpose. Now, bare walls can be adorned with beautiful, intricate, and well-designed bottles of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, or Malbec.

Just as our vino has body, these outstanding wine racks are characterized by their functional and sleek shapes.

best modular wine racks

Liquid Systems Creating Modular Wine Racks

Sounds straight forward and simple right?  Yup, but what we haven’t gotten to yet is the modularity of this clean and straightforward design or “system”.

Whether your main goal is modular wine display or modular wine storage or both, our post and fin components can be configured in any number of ways:

  • Wall mounted or mounted from floor to ceiling: think an elegant dining room wall backdrop or conversely a series of freestanding racks that you can admire from any angle as a focal center point as you walk around a wine room.
  • 360 degree rotational capability: align your floor to ceiling “exclusive” racks cork-to-punt or side-on or anywhere in between
  • Can be ordered in any length: you can specify up to 10 ft or varying lengths per order, down to a fraction of an inch. As an example, the often-underutilized space of the underside of stairs is ideal for a graduated incline of racks.  The adjustable shoes at either end of our floor-to-ceiling posts take care of any minute vagaries of height along a plane.
  • 1, 2or 3 bottle deep, or all three!: You get to choose how many fins you want on a post (there is a minimum distance however to get at your valuable commodity) and whether each fin holds one, two or three bottles.
  • Large format bottles: feeling especially thirsty?  We offer fins designed to hold magnums up to 3 bottles deep, and double magnums (3 litre bottles) up to two bottles deep.
  • Colours – from wow! to traditional: we offer up to 13 different colours to suit your preference.    While aluminum metal racks may at first thought suggest “modern”, the colours we have available provides the modularity of theme of your chosen rack.  Leaning toward traditional, or the racks need to tie into a certain type of millwork- perhaps go with one of our three bronze options, or black.  Need a splash of colour –  pink?  green? Orange?  Or mix it up with a blue post and orange fins if you’re a Broncos fan!
  • Let there be light: the addition of light can bring any object to life.  Our unique light pad integrates seamlessly onto our posts using the same patented fin attachment design, enabling you to vertically orient those special bottles and break up the visual plane of a collection to make your racks as much an eye catching display as a wine storage solution
  • Ease of installation: Liquid Systems modular wine racks are inherently easy to install.   We recognized early on that if our wine system was to live up to the standards of being flexible enough to meet a variety of consumer needs, installation hassles would need to be kept to an absolute minimum.  Whether you are a DYIer or a professional on a time crunch, configuring and installing your new favourite display and storage solution is a cinch.

Given all these elements of modularity, your dream wine rack is at your fingertips! Wine storage racks don’t need to be generic, nor do they need to involve a completely custom solution where every element is started from scratch.

Liquid Systems modular wine racks are a great way to get the best solution for your needs:  in the space you want, the look you want and holding the bottles you want!