LS makes inroads to the Okanagan region of BC

Liquid Systems x Okanagan Wine Country

Located just a stone’s throw over the coast mountains here in BC, the Okanagan has always beckoned to us. This gorgeous wine country is as close as you’ll come in Canada to the South of France. Home to over 200 wineries growing everything from luscious merlots to sparkling Rieslings, the Okanagan is ripe with wine lovers, whether they are involved in the industry or merely partaking in its product. So it was a natural fit for Squamish BC based Liquid Systems wine racks to make in-roads with our fellow British Columbian aficionados. Enter Norelco Cabinet Solutions from Kelowna, our latest dealer addition. Since 1972 Norelco has been at the forefront of quality cabinetry. Servicing homeowners, designers and developers with unsurpassed service and product options, we are excited to partner with the team at Norelco to now provide a wine rack solution of similar caliber. The adaptability of Liquid Systems wine racks (whether wall mounted, free standing, as part of a larger storage solution or as a statement wine display) makes the custom solutions offered by Norelco a perfect match. We look forward to many successful projects together!

LS partners with Norelco, Okanagan BC

A sample of award-winning Norelco work.
Photo credit: Digital Dan for Norelco Cabinet Solutions