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Goliath-Like Strength

What’s in a bottle?  A whopping 27 litres of wine if you are a Goliath! We have always been proud of the strength of our wine racking system.  The rigidity inherent in the 6061 series aluminum posts, the CNC milling, the patented tongue-in-groove attachment with tolerances down to 1/3000th of an inch, the scratch free anodizing…  all help create one of the most stable and long-lasting products available.  We have yet to suffer a warranty or system malfunction.  One can just imagine the disaster unfolding with a valuable collection, let alone the mess to clean up.  A lot of value rides on the strength and integrity of the attachment, mounting and display system.

With the increase in popularity of different format size bottles to display and enjoy in large group settings, we took the opportunity to test the strength and stability of our racking.  We custom manufactured two fins (using the same bar stock as our regular fins) to fit the circumference of a Goliath (84.5cm/33.25” if you’re counting), filled it up and placed all 37kg on its side, proudly displayed on two of our clear anodized Liquid System Classic posts. Since then we’ve emptied it (unfortunately it wasn’t wine but we are working on that…).  Suffice to say, we are confident that Liquid Systems racks can take the weight of a Goliath, a Salmanazar, a Balthazar, a Nebuchadnezzar or whatever other bottles you have in mind!


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