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LS & Vineyard Wine Cellars Texas Partnership

We recently had a significant increase of interest for Liquid Systems wine racks from our neighbours in the US, so we were naturally excited to connect with Sarah Palmer from Vineyard Wine Cellars in Texas a few months back. Texas is one of the most prolific wine-growing regions in the U.S. and was practicing viticulture a century before states like California. Sarah is carrying on a tradition of fine cellar design and installation started by her father Gary Daniels almost 20 years ago. With representatives covering the Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin areas as well as the neighbouring states of Louisiana and Oklahoma, Vineyard Wine Cellars brings a strong team to the Liquid Systems network.

With nearly 1000 wine cellar and display projects to their name, from contemporary to traditional, residential to commercial, Vineyard offers a wealth of experience to the ever-growing southern US market. It is our understanding that Sarah and the team have recently established a vineyard – we certainly look forward to the fruits of their labour!


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